Pink Is the New Black: Genesis Health Care vs. Breast Cancer

Orange and black have always been associated with the month of October, along with the fiery reds, yellows, and oranges that make up the colors of the changing tree leaves. But in recent years, pink has managed to add itself to that list with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month. This pink is associated with the color of the Pink Ribbon used for raising awareness, along with it being a reminder to both women and men to get checked.

This month, Genesis is excited to be a part of the Breast Cancer Awareness movement, and to be doing our part in being a reminder and advocate for people to get checked. To do this we have set up a calendar for all of October, where we will wear at least one piece of pink clothing to become walking billboards for Breast Cancer Awareness. Our Marketing Director, Howard Nettles, along with the rest of the Genesis staff are very excited to proudly wear pink, and we invite you all to join us. Hopefully together we can continue to be reminders and advocates for better health for our community.


Genesis Health Care SC October 2017 Breast Cancer Awareness Activities