Congratulations to our “Healthy Living Project” winners!

Genesis Health Care recently partnered with the Darlington County Institute of Technology Health Care Program to increase student awareness of diabetes.

Referred to as the “Healthy Living Project,” students worked individually or in groups to create a 3-5 minute informative video on the topic of diabetes or one of several related topics.

The videos were reviewed for content, accuracy, creativity and other criteria and were graded accordingly. The top three were then selected as the winners and those individuals or groups were awarded scholarships from Genesis Health Care. The videos will also be showcased on our waiting area monitors in local Genesis locations.

Congratulations to our “Healthy Living Project” winners!

First Place – Susan Aistrop and Martaysia Williams (pictured with Howard Nettles, Director of Community Outreach for Genesis and instructor Connie Altman, RN)


Second Place – Abby Turbeville (pictured with instructor Kellie Flowers, RN)


Third Place – Savanna Thompson, Mariano Diaz and Armani Bell (pictured with instructor Lindsey McElveen, RN, BSN)